Case Study

How We Help You To Be Number One
KJD Services was the first commercial painting company in the Austin and Central Texas area to implement a comprehensive web marketing mix. We are proud to have been their website company for over 16 years.

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KJD Services Rocks The iPad
Let us make your website pop on an iPad like this. Our Media1250 created design presents KJD Services in the appropriate professional light. We are here to help you connect with your customers.

Why You Need To Reinvent Your Website Now

Simply put, it has to look good and function on any device, platform or computer. Run some test on your current website using a wide variety of devices. How does it look?

KJD Services Painting Tips

YouTube Web Series (12 episodes) – produced and created by Media1250.

This web series, KJD Services Painting Tips,  has been powerful for extending brand awareness.  In addition to helping viewers seeking professional painting advice, this show has helped establish Kelley Doyle as the premier expert in the Austin Texas market.

KJD Services – The Four Principles of Commercial Painting

Produced and created by Media1250.

A great example of Media1250 partnering with our client to position their company. First, we researched and studies the commercial painting business in Austin, Tx. Next, we created our script and storyboards to spotlight four key ways KJD Services is different than all competitors.